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Visible Fracture Lines and Overly Rounded Tip, Will This Go Away After Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I have 2 issues I am curious about. It has only been 2 months post op, but I fear my nose will not lose the rounded shape once it heals- I am prepared to be patient :) More alarmingly, I am concerned about the deep grooves on either side of my bridge, they must be fracture lines from straightning a dorsal hump after a prior break. I had septoplasty as well to correct breathing problems. Will these indentations ever go away? How can I resolve this? Thank you for any advice.

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Rounded tip after rhinoplasty

The tip result will continue to improve with time.  Tip swelling can take up to a year to resolve in some patients.  It's hard to see the dorsal lines you are taking about but in general those should improve as well

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