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VI Peel: Worked For Cystic Acne, Esthetician Said I Got Burned, Should I Get Another One? (photo)

It has been about 10 month since my 2nd VI Peel, which did a lot of damage. The first peel was phenomenal and I had my second one a month after that. I have one more VI peel left and I am hoping and it would work like the first one and fix the issues shown in pictures. I went in for a consultation and the esthetician said the spots where I had the cystic acne shot with cortisone looks burned. After 10 months, Am I ready for another VI Peel to make my skin smooth again? What's going on?

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Chemical peels


Chemical peels should be done only by those specialties that understand skin and diagnose problems of the skin, skin types and the appropriate treatment. Cosult a plastic surgeon or dermatologist for skin care.

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