Veneers for Chipped and Decayed Teeth?

My teeth are decayed and chipped. As bad as my teeth are, I will probaly have to get 90% of them pulled. Are these veneers the way to go, and if not what are my other options? Since I'm under 30 years old, I would prefer something more permanent.

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Veneers can help with the cosmetic part

Absolutely – They can rebuild and beautify any tooth. Dont rely on cosmetics to fix everything though, theyre no point to veneers if theres no teeth to fix, maintain a healthy mouth, believe me you do not want to get implants if you can help it dont let your teeth get that bad. But in extreme cases veneers are placed on implants as well.

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You need to get way more information before anyone can answer your question!

It sounds to me that you probably have not been to a dentist in years or even had your teeth professionally cleaned. First things first. Get in to see a dentist and have your teeth evaluated with a full set of digital x-rays. I say digital because they can be easily emailed to any professional you may need to see or consult with. Once this is done you can start your fact finding mission and understand what modalities you can consider.

Joseph W. Worthington, DDS
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Sometimes things aren't as bad as they seem

While you say they may need to be pulled, you may find that they CAN be saved. As a rule of thumb, if they CAN, then it is a good idea to do so. Veneers are great to fix chipped, worn and decayed teeth. If there is a lot of decay, a crown may be more appropriate, but the result is very similar.

If the teeth are pulled, there are no teeth to put veneers on, so you may be looking at dentures as the only alternative. Your treating Dr would be able to help

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Extraction vs. restoration


Venners are new surfacing for the front sides of your existing teeth. If you "pull" your teeth then the only way to put teeth back is with dentures or implants. It is always best to keep your natural teeth and restore them if that is possible. Consult a dentist to see if that is a feasible alternative.

Daniel W. Schiavone, DDS
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