Does a Veneer Need to Be Removed to Fill a Cavity?

My veneers are 15 years old and I have developed a cavity on posterior portion of the tooth at the gum line, can a filling be placed without removing the veneer?

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Can decay be removed without removing veneer

If the dentist can remove all the decay without removing the veneer, then it can be done. Only he can decide after getting in there.  If he can't get it out then the veneer would have to be redone.  You do not want decay left under the veneer

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Filling Can Be Placed Without Removing Veneer

If the dentist can remove all the decay without removing the veneer, then it can be done. Only he can decide after getting in there.

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Eliminating caries on veneered tooth

If caries is developing on another tooth surface than covered by veneer then it can be treated without removal of veneer. If caries is affecting tooth structure under the veneer then only your dentist can tell you after exam if he can repair it without removal of veneer or not.

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Cavity on Veneer

I am assuming the veneers are porcelain and not composite.  A composite veneer could maybe be repaired.  A porcelain veneer with decay should ideally be replaced.  

The repair would be made with composite and the composite will not stick to the porcelain very well therefore you would need a whole new veneer.  Good luck!

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Replace Or Repair A Porcelain Veneer With Decay?

There is a possibility of repairing the the decay with a composite filling.  Is the decay on a margin? Is the decay in an aesthetic area?  Is the area of decay large or small?  Your cosmetic dentist will take all of these questions into consideration when assessing your situation, then make a recommendation based on his findings.  Good luck.

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