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What to Do About Redness on Leg Due to Capillaries?

I recently have some spider veins treated with laser. Two weeks later, I got hit by a chair lift (skiing) in one of the treated areas, and suddenly, all these areas of fine red matted capillaries appeared. I'm told they may be too tiny to treat. In my search for a solution I learned that I have congenital DVI. I'm fit, young, and healthy, and now taking bioflavonoids, Horse Chestnut.

What can I do cosmetically about the blushing on my leg? It's been 6 months and no signs of clearing on its own. Thanks.

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Sclerotherapy is probably the answer

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Fine vessel matting is common after both sclerotherapy and laser treatments. I routinely treat this fine matting with sclerotherapy with excellent results. I would find a physician who is skilled in sclerotherapy in your area to have these treated. Dr. Goldman is a dermatologist in your area that is one of the world's experts in vein therapy.

I hope that helped.

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