I've Had Vaser on my Back and Only Worked on One Side. What Now?

I had Vaser on my back after loosing weight (I also had myupper/lowerabs/flanks done.Which I am happy with.) He removed 600cl. One side looks good but the right side doesn't. I am told this is loose skin. What can I do to improve the right side? Can the Vaser be redone?Has it not been done properly or was I just looser on one side?I had it done 3 weeks ago.Would it help to have radio frequency massage on it or would this hinder it's healing/tightening?I have no pic yet. Thank you for your time.

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Vaser and back


If you were told it is loose skin that is the problem, then liposuction no matter what technqiue is used, will not improve this. A skin excision technique is often best for loose skin.

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