3 Months Post-Op Vaser Liposuction to Stomach, Flanks, and Thighs, Still no Reduction in Size, Normal?

As of today it has been 3 months since my liposuction of the stomach, flanks, hips, inner and outer thighs, and knees. I have no reduction in size of these areas and still experience significant swelling. I am disgusted beyond belief to think I have spent a great deal of money and I have no positive RESULTS. So what are my options? Allow this so-called physician to revise his work, find another physician (and spend more money), or just be SOL.

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Vaser lipo


Sorry that you are not happy with your results. At three months, it is very possible that you still have a fair amount of swelling.   If you are not satisfied, you should talk to your surgeon.

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