Vaser Liposelection Safe and Effective for Hyperhidrosis?

Is Vaser liposuction a safe and effective treatment for hyperhidrosis? Or should I keep spending my money on axillary Botox injections?

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Miradry for axillary hyperhidrosis in Los Angeles

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Although VASER is used for axillary hyperhidrosis, I agree with Dr. Karamanoukian that Miradry has select advantages in treatment. 

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Vaser Lipo for underarm sweating or Suction Curettage

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Suction curettage and Vaser should be used very selectively as miraDry has similar or better outcomes WITHOUT skin incisions, and with less pain.

Vaser Liposelection for hyperhidrosis

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Dear 07476671,

3 questions in one.

1. "Is Vaser liposuction a safe treatment for Hyperhidrosis?" - Probably. Providing it is done by an experienced surgeon who will not damage adjacent large vessels.

2. "Is Vaser liposuction an effective treatment for Hyperhidrosis? " Probably not. The use of simple scraping of the arm pit skin (in medicalese - curettage) has a spotty reputation and did not work well. Liposuction followed which worked in an equally spotty and unreliable fashion. Why would the use of ultrasonic assisted VASER liposuction be different - I do not know. I am a heavy user of VASER liposuction elsewhere but cannot see recommending a good technique otherwise in an application which has been unreliable in the past.

3."..should I keep spending my money on axillary Botox injections?" - I would if it were me until a cheaper and more reliable method came along.

I hope this was helpful.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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