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Brown Marks on Cheeks After Vaser Lipo on Jawline

I had vaser lipo around my jawline in March. I have brown marks on the lower cheeks, not bruising, will they go away in time? I am very tender around the lower cheeks area. The brown mark on the left lower cheek looks awful like a scar. Will all this go in time.

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Vaser liposuction of the neck. Hyperpigmentation


The brown marks you are experiencing likely represents post-inflamatory hyperpigmentation from the heat generated with the tip of the cannula. The problem with UAL in the neck is that the skin is thin and a lower pulsed energy setting should be used. Try topical Retin A with 4% hydroquinone to try to bleach the areas.

I hope this helps.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Brown Pigmentation of the lower jawline after Liposuction


Without a photograph, much less an examination, it is impossible to accurately guess the nature of the brown pigmentation of your lower jawline. It COULD BE :
1. Hyperpigmentation due to inflammation
2. Tissue staining by Hemosiderin, a result of bleeding and blood breakdown to its iron pigment components.
3. Sub clinical burns.

I would ask your surgeon for an explanation.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Brown marks on face and Vaser


Hard to say without seeing you and examining you.  The Vaser can generate a lot of heat.  The worst scenario is that they are burn marks, but they may be blood stain like the other physician mentioned.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Treating brown marks after VASER lipo


One cannot give a definitive opinion without seeing you of course, but my first thought is that you may have what is called hemosiderin staining. That occurs following a bruise, and is due to the iron pigment from hemoglobin in the blood cells that form the bruise. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to fade. There are treatments for it however, such as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) which is like a laser. You should definitely discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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