Will Using a Vaporizer to "Smoke" Marijuana Impede my Lip's Healing Process? (photo)

I had an operation on my lip two weeks ago to improve the appearance of my cleft lip and have been told by my surgeon that any form of smoking can damage the healing tissue. My question is whether using a vaporizer to consume cannabis will prove damaging? My doctor didn't seem to think so, although I didn't explicitly say that it would be used with cannabis. To clarify, nothing would actually be burning. Many thanks, Rory

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Do you really "need" the THC?


You appear to have had a detailed discussion with your surgeon. Follow his advice and do not seek "approval" from online consultants who will not have to deal with any problems that develop with your surgical result.

Consider that even if you get THC into your system without actually "burning" anything, you could still bump and injure your lip repair as a result of getting high. This is why we do not advise patients to drive after receiving narcotic pain pills either.

Rory, hold off on the weed for now. Maybe forever. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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