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What is the Best Option for my Crooked Teeth? (photo)

I am very self concious about my teeth. First is the crooked and crowding of both of my upper and lower jaw front teeth. Secondly, I have a partial denture on my upper jaw due to my tooth having fallen out as a young child, with no growth of an adult tooth. I am now of age and eligible for a dental implant or bridge..What are my best options? I have been thinking invisalign, veneers, bridge, or implant. I am looking for the cheapest route as I am not covered by insurance and am so young!

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Fixing smile with invisalign

Based on your complains and photos, the best way to operate will be to:

1- realign your teeth with invisalign (invisible braces)

2- improve the appearence of the 4 front upper teeth so the two front one will "blend in" (veneering the laterals)

3- than proceed to replace the missing tooth with an implant.


This should be the ideal way to solve your complains.

Montreal Cosmetic Dentist

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