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Vaginal Rejuvenation Whats Better Laser or Cutting and Stitches?

I am looking to have vaginal rejuvenation done, solely to regain tightness. I am satisfied with the look of my vagina, however the opening and inner parts of my vagina, I would like to be like when I first had sex. My question is what works better having this operation with a laser or by actual cutting and stitches, I have seen doctors doing both and I am wondering what gives the best result to be as tight as the first time I had sex?

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Vaginal Rejuvenation: Laser vs Surgical Tightening


Both are popular techniques but by far the most controversial and questionable procedure even among gynecologists  is laser tightening procedures. An internet search will alert you to this quickly. Excision and  tightening of the underlying muscle wall is the most direct and secure way to do this. Whether or not it will be "as tight as the first time you had sex" is a different matter and depends on many factors including emotionally how "turned on" you are, muscle tone, etc. 

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