Can a second upper blepharoplasty rectify a high and irregular crease with some scar tissues? (Photo)

My upper and lower blepharoplasty was done 9 years ago. The incisions on the upper eyelids were too high. My Asian almond shaped eyes were turned into rounded ones. The creases are also irregular and there are some indented scars in them. Now that my eyelid skin is looser with some hooding & wrinkles, can a 2nd blepharoplasty be done? Will this remove the irregular crease lines, scars and the wrinkles (some lateral)? Can the eyelid crease be lowered? My eyebrows are at the orbital bones. Thanks.

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I do think you can be helped but it may require more than a simple incision surgery.  You may need fat grafting to the upper eyelid area and orbit to get a more complete correction.  All that being said he could still be less than perfect but likely better than what you have.  The healing time would probably be anywhere from 2-3 weeks for you.

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Based on the pictures posted, one might be able to correct the high incision you have. there are some fat bulges that need redistribution of the fat and some removal of the fat. Evaluate the position of the brow and need to be very cautious about the lowering of the incision on the brow and the need for a brow lift. Need thorough analysis and then a plan can be presented

Samir Shureih, MD
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