Assymetry, Higher Scar After Upper Blepharoplasty

Plus one eye looks round and one has retained a semi-almond shape...My surgeon says he did both the same and admits no fault...What can I do now? I am embarassed by the differences and am trying to camouflage with makeup but this is very depressing...

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Asymmetric scars of eyes

Asymmetry of the eys is normal and slight differences between the scars may be the result possibly of misplaced incisions or more likely differential removal of skin and differential pulling on the scar.

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Asymmetry after blepharoplasty

It is quite possible that your asymmetry will improve with time. I would hope that your surgeon would follow your healing after surgery. If there is a persistent deformity that is amenable to revision, this can be addressed by your initial surgeon, often in the office. If you are not getting the postoperative care and attention that you deserve, I would seek a second opinion. However, I agree that you should allow time for your eyelids to heal before pursuing any revision surgery.

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Post-blepharoplasty asymmetry

Eyelids are usually asymmetric, even if minimally so. Post-surgery eyelids can often be asymmetric. I would wait six months or longer until things are stable and then re-assess. Asymmetry can be simple or complex and so can the surgery. You may also have to decide on what and how much asymmetry to accept.

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Post blepharoplasty asymmetries

I agree with the previous response.  Pre and post op pictures compared several months after the procedure should allow you to discuss things clearly with your surgeon.  There is no feature on anyones face that is exactly symmetric and often overscrutinizing certain rfeatures can lead people to assign importance to the trivial.  There may also be significant asymmetries that can easily be corrected with an office procedure like a zplasty or superficial canthal support.  Try to reingage with pictures and neutral emotion and you will likely achieve your goal.


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