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Had Labiaplasty yesterday - swelling and bleeding from sutures. Am I looking normal? (photo)

I had Labiaplasty yesterday and I'm slightly concerned about how I'm looking at the moment. I'm not in pain but there is fresh blood coming from the stitches and a particularly bloody area in a lump on one side (as shown in photo). I am also swollen and looking a bit blue towards the bottom and uneven. Can you please advise me as to whether or not I am looking normal at this stage? I have a check up in 7 days time but I am really anxious and just want to make sure everything is looking normal.

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Swelling and bleeding from sutures one day after labiaplasty.

You may have a little more swelling than normal following your labiaplasty but I think in two weeks you will be happy with the result.

Post op swelling with Labiaplasty

While it is difficult to tell for sure from your picture, I think everything looks normal.  I do beg you to please call your surgeon and check in with them.  I would be horrified if my patients were looking to strangers on realself to answer an immediate post op concern.  In the time it takes to load a picture, you can call your surgeon or their answering service and have a call back long before any of our answers are posted on realself.  Your surgeon wants to hear from you.  Please call them! 

Melinda Haws, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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