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Uneven bulgy fat on left side than right side? (photo)

I m getting no where with this full TT+lipo 6 1/2 weeks ago. It honestly feels like a disaster. I m dying to hear your unbiased honest opinions! My left side uneven bulgy. If I bend fwd, u can see left side hanging down more than right side. And you can see my straight and bent view too. Do I look like I need a revision? My PS says lipo on flanks and left bulgy side should help under local anesthesia in his office. Will it? Or will I be left with lose skin and uneven messed up contour?

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Uneven bulgy fat on left side than right side? (photo)


Very hard to determine even with the series of posted photos you supplied. It does appear that I would have used a slightly longer incision. But in general your result is very acceptable as compared to the befores..//

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