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Uneven Breast, Possible Revision?

Will my breast ever even out. I recently got a BA sub muscular 400cc Saline through the under pit. My Dr. had suggested massaging and check back with her in 3 months. Im really scared that this is what Im stuck with. I got the BA May 2nd. These photos are a little after 3 months. Please help and give me suggestions

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Uneven Breast, Possible Revision?


 Thank you for the question and pictures. Although your concerns are understandable, I think that your plastic surgeon has given you good advice. It is not uncommon for breast  asymmetry  after breast augmentation to improve over the course of time;  sometimes it may take longer for some patients compared to others.  I think that it would be wise to await until at least six months  postoperatively to determine whether additional surgery will be helpful to improve the symmetry/outcome of the procedure performed.

 Best wishes.

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Revisional surgery probably indicated.


If the asymmetry is that bothersome to you I think that some revisional surgery will probably be necessary.

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Breasts Uneven?


Dear Evna,

Thank  you for your post.  At three to four months, you have the basic shape of what you will have.  That being said, a revision can certainly increase symmetry if we are not happy with the shape.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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