Underwater vision after ICL? ICL after LASIK? LASIK twice?

In 2006, at 23, I had LASIK to correct extreme nearsightedness. At first, night vision was awful--"starburst" effect. General vision slightly deteriorated. Underwater vision unchanged. *Would 2nd advanced LASIK cause starbursts at night again? *Is ICL an option for someone who's had LASIK done? Would it improve underwater vision as well? *For someone without surgeries, would ICL be equally effective in correcting their vision when underwater as it would for general vision? Thanks in advance :)

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Underwater vision and ICL

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*Would 2nd advanced LASIK cause starbursts at night again?-->If by advanced LASIK you mean wavefront, yes, it is possible that more LASIK, even wavefront, can cause starbursts again. It can’t be predicted. If you have large pupils, or are having a large correction, the chances of night side effects increase.
*Is ICL an option for someone who's had LASIK done?--> LASIK will not change your candidacy for ICL. Generally speaking, if you were a candidate for ICL pre-LASIK, you will likely be a candidate for ICL now (assuming there is “enough” myopia to treat with an ICL... the minimum is 3D).
*Would it improve underwater vision as well?--> In my experience, underwater vision (with a mask) will improve commensurate with vision on land following these surgeries. Without a mask, it is unpredictable what your vision will be like underwater.

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