Should I Undergo Surgery Again?

I recently got silicone implants 4 months ago and I wanted 450cc. My ps put a 400cc&475cc in. I'm not happy with the difference in size between the 2. So I'm considering a second surgery with a different ps and getting 575cc on both side. Any suggestions.

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Early breast augmentation revision

Whether or not you are unhappy enough with your current condition to decide to pay for an implant exchange is really going to come down to you and you alone to decide. My only caution would be to really consider the long term risks of placing even larger implants. Without photos, it would be difficult to determine if a 575 cc implant would be appropriate for you. But I do know that large implants, especially if they appear too big for your frame, are more likely to cause problems for you in the future. Very few women can naturally "pull off" a 575 cc implant in my opinion. Make sure you are aware of the risks of "bottoming out" and implant malposition. 

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Revision surgery

It would be necessary to have before and after photos to accurately advise you on your options particularly since it is relatively early in the healing process.

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Revision breast augmentation

Without an exam, I can not say whether the implants you are choosing are right for you. I prefer to use the same size implants in most patients unless there is a significant difference between the two. 

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