Umbilicoplasty Without a Tummy Tuck Possible? (photo)

After 3 kids, my belly button is really stretched out and there is a vertical stretch mark about an inch above & below it. I am lean, 5'5" & 100# and don't necessarily need a "tummy tuck" and I don't like the scars associated with them. Is there a way to repair my belly button by just cutting and fixing in the umbilical area instead of cutting at the bikini line and having all that scaring there? Like a vertical pulling in of the skin? UMBILICOPLASTY wasn't on the topic list. I'm in Maryland.

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An umbilicoplasty can be done without a tummy tuck.  As some of the other physicians here have stated – it does appear from the photo that you may have an umbilical hernia.  There is a possibility that the hernia repair can be done at the same time as umbilicoplasty.

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Belly button repair usually Best as a part of tummy tuck

The belly button is a visual landmark made up of the following characteristics: 1) proper position, 2) proper shape, and 3) a depression causing a shadow. what you are lacking  is shape and a depression because it appears that you may have a hernia in your umbilical area. This would need to get fixed and the belly  button would have to be "rebuilt" and this would best be done by a tummy tuck since it will bring in good quality skin and fat for reconstruction of the depression that will give the shadow and thus a normal belly button. When  you visit with a plastic surgeon, have them show you their belly buttons. It will give you a lot of information on what the surgeon thinks is normal and beautiful. Reconstructing a belly button is tedious work that you should entrust  to an artistic plastic surgeon.Check out the oval belly buttons in the links below.

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Umbilicoplasty without Tummy Tuck

    An umbilicoplasty, which would involve suturing the underside of the belly button to deepen the belly button and excising skin around the belly button,  could be performed.  A hernia repair can be performed as well.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of tummy tucks each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Yes umbilicoplasty may be done without TT/ si la plastia de ombligo puede practicarse sinTT

one of the technique it is to open the inside of the umbilicus in order to avoid any exterior scar and then  fixed it to the deep fascia  colapsing the whole unit may be done upper and down incitions simoultaneaously

si puede reducirse el tamaño sin hacer el TT realizando  dos incisiones una rriba y otra abajo y fijando el ombligo  en la fascia profunda

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