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Can You Have Ulthrapy Immediately After Neck Lipo?

just one week ago, I had neck lipo, and then immediately had ulthrapy on the neck area. my lower lip doesn't work correctly. My smile is crooked.I concerned about perminent damage.

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Ultherapy for skin lifting and neck liposuction for a tighter neck


Liposuction could cause a temporary relaxation of the marginal mandibular nerve. Should this rare complication occur, it often reverts to normal function but can take many weeks to months. Ultherapy can also cause this nerve weakness without liposuction. Ultherapy is not done over the forward mandible (jaw bone) with the deepest transducer but the more superficial transducer can be used over the forward section of the mandible or jaw bone. this rare complication often reverses to a normal function by itself but can take many months.

Manhattan Dermatologist
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Crooked smile after neck procedures should improve


The problem you are describing sounds like the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve on one side was stretched or inflamed.  This can happen with liposuction or with Ultherapy, thought it is rare with both.  If the lip moves but just has some weakness, the problem will resolve with time as the swelling and inflammation subside.

Mark Beaty, MD
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