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Should I Do Ulthera the Day Before a College Exam?

I am concerned that any residual pain or soreness might be distracting.

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Ultherapy Downtime

Most patients will be sore the day after the procedure.  This has not kept many of our patients from doing what they wanted although we have had several patients treated around the eyes that developed swelling. 

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Ultherapy has no down time, but don't do before a big exam

You are right to quesiton the unknown.  Despite it being  very rare to have pain the next day, the area can be sensitive to the touch. Furthermore, you might be given some medicaiton to help you relax during the procedure and then you may not be able to focus on studying that night of the Ultherapy and before the day of the exam.  If you are of typical college age, the question is ... are you a candidate for Utlherapy?  Do you need lifting or are you trying to accomplish something else? Ultherapy is not indicated to reduce a fat face, nor help acne scars, but its indication is to tighten and lift. Make sure you see a board certified ethical dermatologist or plastic surgeon in consultation to be examined and evaluated for what treatment(s) is (are) best for the condition you wish to improve.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Ulthera before college exam?

While it is true that there can be some soreness following Ultherapy, it is generally mild. I am surprised that a college student would be considering Ulthera though! All things considered the best advice is not to have any procedure done a day before an important event.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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