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Can Ulthera Correct Puffy Overfilled Cheeks 8 Years After Fat Transfer?

Even New beauty mag talked about this problem recently. It looks fine except when I smile and then I look weird because my cheeks puff out and I appear moon faced with volume that's too low and too front and center.

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Ulthera should tighten but not reduce the fat in your face


Ulthera is a tightening device, not a fat wasting device.  Correction of excess fat injections can be a difficult problem.  You will need to be seen in consultation for an examination of the facial contour to be done prior to offering any opinion concerning your care.

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Manhattan Dermatologist
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No, Ulthera is a tightening device it will NOT reduce volume


Ulthera is a tightening device that will lift tissue around the browns, cheeks, lower face and neck. It will provide a tighteness but will not reduce volume.  I suggest that we analyze the overall shape of your face, feel free to contact my office to schedule a phone or in-person consultation.  

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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