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Why is the tip of my nose like this? (photos)

It has nearly been 16 weeks since I had my operation. I have had concerns with the tip of my nose since about 4 weeks after my operation. I put it down to swelling etc. However as the swelling has started to disappear my nose looks worse. the tip feels like it has a ledge or ball on the end it looks very un natural and the cartilage to the side of my nose near the tip is so prominent. I am worried so much about my nose and if it will change or has this been a really bad operation. Thanks

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Nasal tip

The outline of the nasal tip cartilages are becoming more prominent as swelling is reducing.  In the photos it looks as if the tip is relatively prominent and may need to be addressed to improve tip contour.  I would recommend you follow up with your surgeon.  If as healing continues the tip continues to appear to bulbous this can be corrected.

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