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Would Emergency Surgery on Abdo Arterial Bleed Effect Muscle Plication? (photo)

Hi, day after TT and Lipo I had emergency surgery with different surgeon to fix 2 arterial bleeds in abdomen. I had a fascial washout and evacuation of haematoma. I am three weeks post op both surgeries but I do not know if the suturing if my muscles would have had to be undone to perform the second op. three weeks on I am experiencing upper abdo muscle spasms and burning sensations. Is this a good sign? I am 50 years old and in good health. Compression hurts more than not wearing it. Thank you

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Would Emergency Surgery on Abdo Arterial Bleed Effect Muscle Plication

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Without having been there I could only guess. The person who wouldn't have to guess is the second surgeon, though I am sure your own surgeon has a copy of the operative report and can answer that for you.

Hope the rest of your recovery is uneventful.

Would Emergency Surgery on Abdo Arterial Bleed Effect Muscle Plication?

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Not sure on how to respond. Why were there two different surgeons? Where both boarded PSs? If yoiu had this arterial complication than the second surgeon might not have re sutured your muscles. Many un answered questions. 

Will arterial bleeding affect your muscle plication after abdominoplasty

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If your bleeders were not close to the rectus muscle plication suture line, your muscle repairs are most likely ok. The best person to ask whether your muscles sutures were cut or not is your surgeon. Thank you for sharing your photos and question. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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