What Should I Do? Are These Typical Side Affects?

I just got my implants a week ago. The next day I was feeling good. Little pain. But within a couple of days I started having dizzy spells, I'm nauseous, I choke down food just to eat but have no appetite. The feet and hands are freezing in the middle of summer, and I can't sleep due to insomnia and arm numbness. I want these things out!! I have three little boys to take care of. Any suggestions??

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See your surgeon or doctor

You should definitely see your surgeon or family doctor about this. It sounds like you're sick and need medical attention. Best of luck.

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Dizzy, nauseated, insomnia 1 week after surgery.

Talk to your surgeon, and/or your general physician.

Most of what you describe are not uncommon side effects of pain medicines--you don't mention whether or not you are taking any still. 


As a surgeon I would hate to be the one taking these out at a week if they are not the immediate cause of your symptoms!!

Good luck.

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