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I Have Two Front Teeth That Are Severely Overlapping, What are My Options for Aligning them? (photo)

I am getting married in 2yrs and would love to have a descent smile. I was told it was an easy fix if they removed the teeth directly next to them. I was also told it would take about 8 months to align. Is this true? It seems like a very short amount of time. Also, can the teeth themselves be removed and simply have the gaps directly underneath them be removed? Would i need braces to align them? Do I have any other options?

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Getting ready for wedding with teeth overlapped.


Thanks for the photos, they do help, but to get really good information I recommend that you go see an American Dental Association recognized orthodontic specialist.   They have about 6000 hours of extra training in orthodontics beyond dental school and can likely treat your problem faster and more effectively than a non orthodontist dentist.   .Explain your problem and time limitations.  At this point I am NOT sure that you need to have permanent teeth removed so be sure to ask about that.  Also be sure to ask to see cases like yours that the doctor has treated personally and see how long they took and if you like the results.  I use Damon Braces which are very efficient at unraveling and initial tooth alignment in problems like this.   The more difficult and less exciting part for the patient is when the orthodontist is trying to finish everything up and make the bite fit properly in the back. That can take a little longer but two years should be plenty of time.  I have done some treatments where we were able to get everything ready for a wedding in 6 to 7 months but it depends on how difficult the original problem is.  Talk to the orthodontist and you may want to see more than one to get several opinions.  Be sure to go on the web and check their web sites and read as many reviews as you can find. They are your teeth, make sure you find someone who is willing to work really hard to get you what you want.

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