Does the Patient Have to Pay for Tummy Tuck Revision Cost?

When a plastic surgery (abdominoplasty) revision is necessary, does the patient have to pay?

I paid for a full Tummy Tuck, but the result I have been left with is pretty hideous by anyone's standards. My plastic surgeon attempted to right his wrong by performing laser skin tightening on my upper abdominal area, which did absolutely nothing. After finally expressing my unhappiness to my PS, when I realized that my end result was what you see here, it was decided that I needed a revision. Is it fair that I'm being forced to pay the hospital and anesthesiology fees for my revision surgery, now scheduled for March 31st?

I compensated this surgeon very well at the time of the original surgery, and I am now the one who must undergo a SECOND surgery, with all of the risks, downtime, and discomfort associated with that. I realize that if I were asking the surgeon to 'tweak' something, my payment of these fees would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, this is hardly just a tweaking; my results were unsightly and unacceptable, and I didn't receive what I paid for - a FULL TT. What are your thoughts on this? Additionally, am I an idiot for letting this surgeon have a second shot at me? Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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Revisions after tummy tucks should be rare. ...


Revisions after tummy tucks should be rare. Occasionally a tiny dog ear at the corner of the incision needs to be repaired and this is usually at no charge. Charges, however, are at the discretion of your surgeon.

In general, if the result is something that falls short of what your surgeon anticipated and you followed all appropriate post-op instructions, a revision will usually be done at no charge. If the result is somewhat less than hoped for but it is because of the patient's body, revisions might be offerred at cost. If the patient wants more than that, but the surgeon feels that result is otherwise good, there may be more charges involved.

Again, revisions are rare and charges are up to the doctor.

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Charges for Revision Surgery


Thank you for your question.

Every surgeon's office differs with how they deal with revisionary surgery and the charges involved.  It is standard that if the surgeon waives his/her surgeons fee, that the patient pay the fees associated with returning to the operating room (OR fees, anesthesia, supplies, etc).  

Best Wishes!

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Tummy tuck revision


I can appreciate your disappointment from this picture. Most plastic surgeons communicate what can be expected from a given surgery and will discuss your personal expectation. Form this photo, it appears that you had a mini-tummy tuck. However, you may have been a more appropriate candidate for a full tummy tuck. All of these should have been discussed with you before the first surgery.

Siamak Agha, MD, PhD, FACS
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Are you sure you had a full tummy tuck?


I can understand your disappointment. Plastic surgeons generally strive to communicate realistic outcomes and deliver satisfactory results.

It is hard to tell from this picture but it is my impression that you underwent a mini tummy tuck and not a full judging from your picture. In a full tummy tuck the umbilicus is completely inset all the way around. There does not appear to be a scar around the umbilicus but it is difficult to tell. Did you have stitches around your belly button? If you did have stitches, you healed excellently. Your lower belly demonstrates excelllent overall appearance. However, the upper abdominal skin seem disproportionately loose. It does appear to have sun damage and poor elasticity which may have contributed to the laxity seen in this picture. Did you suffer a hematoma? The problem is your upper abdominal skin which may require a reverse abdominoplasty.

If not, then you may have undergone a mini or a hybrid/marriage abdominoplasty. In either of these procedures the skin of the upper abdomen remains untreated which appears to be the case.

In regards to fees, this is a difficult question. I don't think that you are going to improve the appearance without additional surgery. In this event, there are different fees that will be incurred: the surgeon's fee, the operating room, and the anesthesiologist. As plastic surgeons, we always seek to meet or exceed our patient's expectations. Many surgeon's waive the surgeon's fee but have the patient pay for the operating room and anesthesia as needed. Clearly, you will need to set forth the terms of any additional procedures after that. If you search for another surgeon, you will likely have to pay for all the fees.

I urge you to continue discussions with your plastic surgeon and if you are not satisfied with their explanation, seek second opinions and proceed only if someone can assure you of a reasonable outcome.

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This is dependent upon the surgeon. Common practice is...


This is dependent upon the surgeon.

Common practice is that if a revision is performed within 1 yr of surgery, many physicians will waive their surgical fee and only charge for the facility: to pay the anesthesiologist, nursing staff, and for supplies.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Charges for revision surgery

Revisions for tummy tucks are uncommon and can vary tremendously depending on what needs to be done.  Small dog ears and scar revisions or scar lasers can usually be done in the office and are often considered part of the original surgery.

Major revisions that require anesthesia and an outpatient facility can have fees associated with them.  Ordinarily the surgeon with waive his or her fee. 

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Typically patients do not pay revision costs.

Although it depends on the specifics, based on the details you’ve listed above (and your photos), the surgeon is not likely to charge a fee for the tummy tuck revision. However, the surgeon’s fee is not the only cost associated with surgery. There’s also the fee for the anesthesiologist and the facility to consider, which may or may not be covered by your surgeon. Since you have loose skin through the upper abdomen, a full tummy tuck is likely required for smoother contours overall. If you don’t trust the previous surgeon to perform the second surgery correctly, definitely consider getting a second opinion. Tummy tuck revision can be a challenging procedure, so it may be worth finding a specialist.

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Waiving Fees for Revisional Surgery-Each Situation is Different



                  The cost of revisional surgery varies from practice to practice and is dependent upon a multitude of variables.  Each situations is unique and for this reason it’s difficult to have precise rules.

                  In most cases surgeons try to be reasonable and help patients whenever possible.  It’s not unusual for surgeons to waive their surgeon’s fee and charge only for the facility and anesthesia.  It’s important to discuss these issues pre-operatively to minimize confusion in the post-operative period.

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Dra gladys polanco

when a revision months before the first going to depend on your dr consideration, most times you only pay the cost of the clinic ...

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Does the Patient Have to Pay for Tummy Tuck Revision Cost?

I am not clear if you got a miniabdominoplasty or full abdominoplasty.  If you got a mini then a full procedure may help here.  Surgeons will often have a set policy on revision costs, but there are generally a minimum of anesthesia and operating room fees that you will most likely have to pay.

For more information, please go to my website at:

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