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Can I Still Have Kids After Tummy Tuck?

I've been thinking about having a Tummy Tuck. Can I still have kids after it?

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Probably yes, but you might need the work redone


From my experience and the experiences of plastic surgeon colleagues I have talked to, women having unexpected pregnancies after tummy tucks have done fine; however, the tummy tuck often needed to be redone.

The number of women experiencing childbirth after TT is small, so we don't fully know the risks involved. So why incur a possible risk to the fetus by having a TT before an anticipated pregnancy?

It is better for those reasons to wait until after all the children are born to have a TT.

Women who have a pannus, or grossly hanging skin, are usually good candidates for having the pannus removed, even if they anticipate having more children.

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Children after tummy tuck


You can have children, but do you really want to possibly have to go through the surgery a second time? I have done this, but you should go into the procedure with your eyes  open as to the possibility.

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If you are thinking of children in near future then delay abdominoplasty


If you are unhappy with your abdomen now then you certainly will be after having children. Therefore if it is highly likely you will require two tummy tucks.  Why would you put yourself through this?

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Yes, but.....


A tummy tuck won't interfere with child bearing or conception.


The problem is that after getting pregnant, the cosmetic results may be affected and a secondary tummy tuck is difficult.



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Yes, but then you may need another tummy tuck.



In New York City, we have seen 2 or 3 women who went through pregnancy and childbirth without any trouble after a tummy tuck.  But the benefits of the abdominoplasty are undone by the pregnancy.

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Tummy-tuck before Pregnancy


Tummy-tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is the best way to get rid of excess abdominal skin. Most candidates for this procedure have lost large amounts of weight or have had one or more babies in their past. If you are planning to become pregnant in the future, it's best to wait until you are done having babies before having a tummy-tuck. Pregnancy will stretch the abdominal skin and muscles, and you may wind up with the same problem all over again. If, however, your problem is not due to skin excess, but is rather a fullness due to excess deposits of fat under the skin, you may want to consider liposuction. Liposuction can help give a better shape to the abdomen without removing skin or altering the abdominal muscle structure.

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