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Tummy Tuck to Correct Problems from Multiple Surgery Scarring?

Hi! My question is a little complicated. I have had several abdominal surgeries: 3 children/all c-section, 2 colon surgeries, hysterectomy, etc. My stomach (from the navel down) is a patchwork of scars. I experience alot of pain around my navel area, and was told it was possibly due to adhesions. Would a tummy tuck remove all of that and help me? If not, what do you recommend to help? I am very embarassed about my body. Thank you for your time!

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Using an abdominoplasty to remove multiple lower abdominal scars

If all of your scars are from the umbilicus down then these can be converted to a low transverse scar.  This is not an uncommonly requested procedure and works quite well.  

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Tummy tuck and removing scars

A tummy tuck will remove most of the scarring below your bely button.  There is always a small chance that your bely button might not be able to be preserved.  This procedure would really improve the appearance of your abdomen.  Best of luck.

Tummy tuck after multiple surgeries on the abdomen

You could have a great looking tummy after a tummy tuck with most of the old scars removed and a nice, flat result.

However, you need to lose weight first because from your photo you are not presently a good candidate. Also, the pain you experience, if it is from adhesions, will still likely be there becausde the TT doesn't go inside your abdomen to address anything inside.

Good luck!

Tummy Tuck and inside the belly Scarring

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) gives the best results in non-obese individuals who are at a stable weight and who do not plan on having more children. The operation will remove the skin and subcutaneous fat from the belly button to the pubis, flatten the tummy by putting the rectus (six pack) muscles together, narrow the waist and lift a sagging pubis.

But - the operation will do nothing for recurrent intraabdominal pain from presumed adhesions. If symptomatic (recurrent bouts of nausea and vomiting etc) they may need to be released surgically.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Tummy Tuck to Correct Problems from Multiple Surgery Scarring

A tummy tuck should improve the scarring. The degree that can be expected is more predictable after an in person consultation and examination. Consult with 3 board certified plastic surgeons to understand your options, and choose the one that best fits your needs/objectives.

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Tummy Tuck to Correct Problems from Multiple Surgery Scarring?

Thank you for the question. Previous abdominal wall surgery may alter the blood flow to the lower  abdominal wall, potentially compromising the healing process. Some previous incisions, are much more significant in this regard than others. Scars that cause the most problems for plastic surgeons are upper abdominal wall scars that are in the transverse orientation, such as those used to perform open cholecystectomy (gallbladder) surgery ( much more commonly  performed prior to the laparoscopic “revolution”). The scar that you describe will likely not significantly alter your ability to have a very nice outcome with tummy tuck surgery. Of course, the upper abdominal wall scar will still remain after the procedure is performed. I would suggest that you select your plastic surgeon carefully. Ask to see lots of examples of his/her work and view photographs of previous patients who have presented with a similar past surgical history. Best wishes.

Scar Placement And Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck can remove all scars (and skin) between the belly button and pubic hairline. This procedure can definitely improve the appearance of the abdomen and improve self-confidence. I would caution, however, that it is not a procedure that can improve abdominal pain. If a specific portion of an old scar is painful, then the procedure could improve this, but it would not be able to improve pain related to adhesions.

Adam J. Oppenheimer, MD
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Correcting Scarring with Tummy Tuck

                   Severe scarring following intra abdominal surgery can result in significant deformities of the abdominal wall.  This scarring is often associated with contour irregularities and weakness of the underlying abdominal wall muscles.  In some cases patients may even experience pain in the involved areas.

                   Surgical correction with abdominoplasty provides dramatic results when these scars are located below the level of the umbilicus.  In this situation, excess saggy skin is removed and the underlying muscles are tightened as well.  When the scars are located below the level of the umbilicus, they are usually removed during the procedure.  The new scar is then placed below the panty line where it’s well hidden. 

                 Under these circumstances, abdominoplasty not only tightens the muscles and removes excess skin, but also removes abdominal scarring as well.  This procedure is associated with high levels of patient satisfaction and low complication rates.

                   Unfortunately, when scarring is located in the upper abdomen, abdominoplasty may not be effective and in some cases even contra indicated.  In this situation, upper abdominal scars may compromise blood supply to the skin flaps and potentially cause skin necrosis.

                   If you’re considering abdominoplasty to correct severe abdominal scarring consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate.  This surgeon should be able to formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

Tummy Tuck and Scars

Tummy tucks are a great way to get rid of scars below the belly button.  The belly button is left attached to the muscles, the skin is elevated from the pubic bone to the ribs and all the skin below the belly button can be stretched and removed (including any scars).  If there are any hernias present, they can be repaired as well which may explain some of the pain you are having.  Adhesion's are scar tissue INSIDE the abdominal cavity and are not affected by a tummy tuck which works above the muscle layer.  

Tummy tuck to remove abdominal scars

Since your scars are below your belly button, they will be removed but replaced with the tummy tuck scar.  The tummy tuck scar will likely heal nicely and probably can be placed quite low just above your pubic area.  I have seen many patients over the years with various aches and pains due to abdominal scars.  This is often improved with a tummy tuck. 

Also, patients who have had a lot of surgery sometimes have some muscle weakness and this is also improved with tummy tuck. 

Lisa L. Sowder, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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