Tummy Tuck Pain Vs Liposuction Pain

I am a 19-year old male from Norway. For years I've been unhappy with how my stomach looked. I finally made my decision to have a liposuction done. I've never been in so much pain my whole life! It's been a couple of months since my liposuction (so I guess I can see the final result), but I have yet to see the results I was "promised" though. Maybe I wasn't realistic about the results. I'm now considering getting a tummy tuck, but my question is; does a tummy tuck hurt as bad as a liposuction?

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Tummy tuck in 19-year old

The question is why are you considering having a tummy tuck at age 19? This is very early unless you have had massive weight loss!

In many men who have had massive weight loss, either a panniculectomy or a full tummy tuck is often performed. Often, no tightening of the fascia is necessary. Tightening of the fascia is usually the painful part.

Your post doesn't state whether the pain you experienced was during the procedure (which can be avoided completely by a general anesthetic) or in the postoperative period. If the tummy tuck is even necessary, a general anesthetic would be recommended.

In the ear of pain pumps and Aftercare, the pain level should be comparable or less than for liposuction in the recovery period for a tummy tuck without fascial tightening.

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Abdominoplasty pain

The liposuction is much less painful and invasive than an abdominoplasty. I am surprised that you found the liposuction to be extremely painful because the postop swelling guards against pain and my patients do extremely well with limited pain medication. You haven't explained why you think you would be a candidate for abdominoplasty so it is not possible to evaluate the efficacy of the procedure for you.

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Tummy Tuck Pain

A Tummy Tuck is typically considerable more uncomfortable than liposuction. I use an abdominal pain pump which makes the procedure more comfortable. Check with Board certified Plastic Surgeons in your area to see if any offer this options. It has made a significant difference in the pain factor for my patients. Best wishes!

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Tummy tuck pain vs. lipo pain

Hi.  Rather than focusing on the pain issues, let's look at the bigger picture.  It would be fairly unusual, in a 19 year old male, to need a tummy tuck.  Have you lost a massive amount of body weight?

Also, since you had your liposuction fairly recently, it may be that your skin has not yet had time to contract.  It really takes about 6 months.

I would recommend a little patience.  I know this may not be the answer you were hoping for.  

Speak with your surgeon about your results and your frustrations, but give it a little more time.


All the best,

A tummy tuck should only be done if you have prominent excess skin

A tummy tuck removes excess skin and fatty tissue and would only be appropriate for you if you have had significant weight loss with the development of significant excess skin. Usually men do not require tightening of the muscles, but the tummy tuck procedure will still be more painful than liposuction alone. You might need to allow some more time for healing and then discuss options with your plastic surgeon.

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Tummy Tuck pain vs. Liposuction

Hi there-

Because a tummy tuck involves tightening of the abdominal musculature, while liposuction occurs entirely in the subcutaneous plane, a tummy tuck will be much more painful.

I agree with Dr. Rand, however... Unless you've experienced a massive weight gain and loss cycle, I can't imagine why a tummy tuck would be in your best interests.

Tummy tuck pain vs Liposuction pain

Pain is a very subjective issue. Most lipos have pain from 1 to 5 vs a tummy tuck most have level 5 to 8. So a tummy tuck will in most be more painful. 

Tummy tuck pain vs liposuction

Generally liposuction is relatively painless compared to a tummy tuck. The question is why a 19 year old male would want a tummy tuck unless you had massive weight loss. If that was the case, liposuction wasn't going to have worked for you in the first place because it requires great skin elasticity for a nice result and obesity ruins that.

Pain with liposuction vs tummy tuck

A tummy tuck hurts much more than liposuctioning. At your age you really need to think long and hard as to what you are doing and why you are doing it. I suggest seeing several plastic surgeons and getting a number of opinions. Liposuction is not a very painful procedure so your experience is unusual.

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Tummy Tuck and liposuction discomfort have different postoperative courses

While general anesthesia can never be discounted as a safe and effective anesthetic technique, liposuction if frequently performed under intravenous sedation using proper tumescent anesthesia to allow both your surgeon to effectively perform the procedure as well as keeping patients comfortable, both during and after surgery. We find our patients more commonly report being "sore" after liposuction, but generally are off pain medication within several days.

While pain pumps can appreciable lower the pain after a tummy tuck, the pain and "tightness" reported after such a procedure (if fascial tightening is performed) is much more after a tummy tuck than after liposuction. I would also encourage you to consider Aftercare facilities with registered nurses that can both comfort you and improve your confidence after the procedure.

Jeffrey D. Hoefflin, MD
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