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Tummy Tuck Possible with Two Large Surgery Scars?

Years ago I had the old upper right quadrant incision for a gall bladder removal. Later I had an intestional bypass with a large scar going across the tummy. I have lost 140 lbs and would like to have a tummy tuck. How safe would it be given the location of the other two scars. Would the blood flow be restricted for the healing process?

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Tummy tuck with pre-existing scars

Tummy tucks may have to be modiifed to minimize the effects that scars can have on limiting or compromisng the blood supply ot the lower abdomen. You can see in this in the video below if you go to 1:30

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Tummy tuck with two large surgery scars

A photto would really help! But my guess is you can achieve your desired result without accepting additional scarring. Consult 3 boarded plastic surgeons in your area.


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