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Tummy Tuck or Aggressive Lipo W/ my BBL? (photo)

Hi I have went to a few consult & keep getting different answers. I know that my tummy is big & i do have some stretch marks so if i get lipo only it wont look perfect. but i really hate the scar that a tummy tuck leaves so im trying to figure out if it will retract enough for me to be happy with just lipo & if not, do any of the tightening treaments really work?

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Weight control prevents dissters before any lypo and TT

as watching  your photos you should loose at least , no less than 18 to 20 pounds before any kind of  surgery, remember  lypo it is not to loose weigh,t if not to loose seizes. i would rather  choose to realize  a nice procedure doing a complete TT with lypo to get a  nice  result besides  a medium result  realizong  only lypo

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