29 years old with 3 children and never breastfed. Are my saggy, oddly shaped, unequal breasts tubular? (photo)

I think that I might have tubular breasts, but I am not sure. I am 29, have had 3 children, and have never breastfed. I've always felt that my breasts were "saggy", oddly shaped, and unequal in size. Thanks!

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Not tubular

Your breasts do not appear to be tuberous in shape but thy are sagging. If you'd like to address your concern, you can consider breast augmentation to enlarge them and a breast lift to give them a perkier appearance. However, please note that surgical outcome is dramatically improved when patients are within a normal BMI range. 

No you do not have a tubular breast deformity

Yes, your breasts are unequal in size but not dramatically so or significantly beyond the normal difference seen in all women. And yes they are a bit saggy(ptotic) with the right more so then the left. But not saggy to the point that a breast lift with its inherent scarring would be justified. And NO, you do not have a tubular breast deformity. If you are considering an Augmentation a simple subglandular augmentation with different size implants to compensate for your size difference is all you need.

David A. Ross, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous breasts

Thanks for your question.  I do not think you have tuberous breasts.  If you are choosing to have augmentation, you should expect nice shape post-operatively.  Good luck.

Tubular Breasts

Tuberous (also called tubular) breasts have a specific definition and a particular appearance. Your breasts seem fairly small and constricted, but still normal and not tubular. If you feel that after 3 children they are saggy, you may choose to undergo a breast lift, although from the pictures you show, it does not look like you have much sagging at all. In your situation perhaps an augmentation with implants is best, and not will it enhance the size, but it may actually help in lifting the breast a bit as well. Good luck.

Definition of a tuberous breast deformity

This is a question that comes up rather frequently.   Many women believe that they may have tubular breasts.   The definition of a tubular breast is a breast that has a constricted base, an enlarged puffy areola, wide spacing between the breasts, a minimal amount of breast tissue and  a high crease.  Your breasts appear to have a wide base, the crease is not particularly constricted and the areola are normal in appearance.  Since you have a wide based breast you would do well with a wide implant, this would restore your breast shape and enhance your overall appearance.   

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Not tubular (tuberous) breasts

You simply have small triangularly shaped breasts, they are not tuberous.  Now that you are done having kids, you might want to do something about them like an augmentation and maybe a lift.

Nor tuberous breasts

It does not look like from the photos that you posted that your breasts are tuberous.  They just look small.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Are these tubular breasts?

I agree with the rest of the surgeons, your breasts are widened with axillary extension but youfr breasts are not truly tubular breasts.

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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Not a tuberous breast

Good news, not tuberous, and not really that asymmetric either. You could choose an implant if you wished more volume.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Do I Have Tubular Breasts?

The photos demonstrate a NON tubular breasts that a wide set and hypo plastic. The inferior poles might have constriction but only one photo posted no frontal view. 

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