Fix Tubular Breasts Without Implants?

I have tubular breasts and i want to get them fixed. is there any possibility to fix this without a implant.

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Soft tissue expansion offers best correction of tubular breasts


While a mastopexy/breast lift type of procedure can correct tubular breasts, I have had great difficulty achieving a nice full look, especially medially in the cleavage area without breast implants.

In fact, the most satisfactory results in my practice have been achieved with soft tissue expansion.

The problem is the constricted shape of the breast which is usually worst medially near the cleavage. I find expanding this area has given the best results.

Avoid circumferential incisions and scars around the areola--the scars are horrific.

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It would depend on your starting point


All deformities we have come in a spectrum of degrees. No different for tubular breast deformities. So depending on your starting point, it might be possible to go without an implant. However, if you really have a true manifestation of the tubular deformity with lower pole constriction and tissue deficiency, enlarged areolas with herniated breast tissue, and a tight high riding inframammary crease, I personally can't imaging getting a good correction without an implant.

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Possible to fix tubular breasts without implants


Tubular breast deformity is diagnosed when three criteria are present:

1. Constricted breast base with lower pole deficiency.

2. Enlarged aerola.

3. Herniating of breast tissue through the areola.

The classic treatment of tubular breast involves a peri-aerolar mastopexy,breast tissue scorring to expand the lower pole and control of the aerolar diameter. An expander or implant is used to add volume to an already deficient lower breast pole.

The procedure could still be done without an exapnder or implant but the results will not be as good. A promising tool could be the use of fat grafting to the lower pole. However, the use of fat injection in the breast of cosmetic use is not recommended yet bu our sister society. There is a lot of un-answered questions regarding future mammagram and cancer detection with the presence of fat. I like to use for post breast reconstruction revisions and it is a wonderful tool.

To summarize, it is possible but results will not be as good. Hope that helps!

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Tubular breasts

All tubular breasts are not the same in severity and appearance - it is impossible to say whether you would be a good candidate for non-implant reconstruction without examining you. That said, most of us prefer to use several techniques in the correction of tubular breasts, which includes an implant to stretch out the lower half of your breast and add volume there. You may be a candidate for a breast lift with some fat grafting if you are dead set against implants. Your best bet would be to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss options. Good luck.
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Tubular Breasts and Augmentation


         Tubular breasts come in all shapes and significant variations in breast contour occur in women with this condition.

         Tubular breasts occur because of constriction of the skin at the base of the breast. This often results in herniation of the breast tissue through the areola which creates a unique breast shape. A variety of approaches may be used to correct this problem. Treatment should be individualized, based on the specifics of the anatomic deformity and aesthetic goals of the patient.

         When patients have mild tubular breast deformities, correction can often occur without an implant. Severe cases of this condition usually require treatment with an implant because of the magnitude of the deformity.

         If you’re concerned about the tubular breast deformity, it’s important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon. This surgeon will develop a treatment plan that not only considers your unique anatomy, but your aesthetic goals as well.

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Tubular breasts can be fixed without implants


Hi Izabella,

Thank you for your question.

Yes, this can be corrected without implants with a breast lift or mastopexy type surgery. However, it is important to be realistic about the results that can be achieved with these procedures. It is also important to know what you want to look like so you can be realistic about this as well.

Usually, though breast implants are a better option for most patients,by no means do you have to get them. You should schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, preferrably one who specializes in tubular breasts and he/she should be able to exam you and give you the best advice.

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It depends on what your goal is


Many women with tubular breasts are smaller breasted and desire a a modest change. Tuberous breasts can manifest in a spectrum of change. For a severly tuberous breast there is minmal breast tissue whereas in some moderate cases, it is a matter of tightness in the lower part of an otherwise normal looking breast. You should schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will have the benefit of examing you and then they can review all of your options. Best of luck.

Dr Edwards

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Tubular breasts can definitely be corrected without implants.



In New York, we see a fair number of tubular breasts, and we correct them both with and without implants. It depends on the anatomy, whether there is asymmetry, and what the patient wants.

The key is to correct the shape of the breasts from the inside. You end up with a circular scar around the nipples. This scar usually heals well.

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Any tubular breast can be reconstructed without an implant


Bottom line is, tubular breast reconstruction can be done without breast implants. Some severe cases are even better reconstructed without an implant initially  followed by placement of an implant at a later date if desired.

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Tubular breasts


Tuberous breast deformities usually have several problems. A narrow base, an enlarged areola, and herniating tissue through the areola. Quite frequently, there is not enough tissue to lift and pexy. The tissue can be scored to open up the lower pole, the areola can be made smaller and a permanent suture can be used around the border of the areola, but often an implant is required to fill the breast out especially in the lower pole. If there is enought tissue, this sometimes is not necessary.

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