I Had a TT Revision Performed in the Dominican Republic and I Was Left with a Stitch in my Belly Button?

I had a TT revision performed in the Dominican Republic and I was left with a stitch in my belly button and TT scar to have them removed in 21days. I thought it would be easy to find a doctor to help with post op but it is not. I went into the emergency room and I was told my scars are healing and not infected but that they couldn't remove my stitches. Does anyone know a doctor in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut OR Massachusetts that can help with my post op visit?

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Travelling thousands of miles to save some money on cosmetic surgery

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This is the problem when you choose to travel thousands of miles to have a surgical procedure.  When you have a complication many plastic surgeons are unwilling to care for another surgeons complication.   For myself when this occurs I may elect to see the patient.  It do change a fee for this visit and I require a copy of the operative report so I can have some understanding about the procedure that was performed.  

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