Will TriCare Cover a Panniculectomy?

i recently went to the doctor and i was told i have a hernia the size of a baseball...i have a pannus that causes me to get rashes and it feels like im carrying around a small tire on my waist...they took pictures of me to send to tricare..im just very anxious to know what to except from their response... please help me

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A Panniculectomy (pannus removal) can sometimes be covered by insurance, however you should contact your provider to see if this is true for you. However, please note that in general, surgery is usually indicated once the person’s BMI (body mass index) is less than 30.

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Panniculectomy covered by insurance?


Insurance coverage is variable. each carrier has very specific criteria like documented rashes and open sores for a certain period of time, attempts at weight loss etc..

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