Will high profile implants be best for someone with little upper chest breast tissue and sagging?

I have a low cleavage due to stretched out skin and replacing my implants with 500cc but don't know if high profile or moderate would be best to fill everything up.

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Implant choices

High profile implants look best in women with more natural breast parenchyma. As the transition from a thin chest wall to the breast is very abrupt in taller implants the look tends to be more unnatural. Moderate profile plus shaped seem to work best in most situations. 

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Moderate Plus is Okay

Most patients do fine with a moderate plus profile implant. High profile implants are usually better served in very narrow breast women.

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Why use high profile breast implants?? Ask Dr Ellen

The implant profile has less to do with filling up loose skin and more to do with appropriately fitting your chest width.

You might consider trying on implants "sizers" so that you can see the difference in shape.

Thanks for asking!

Dr Ellen Mahony

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Implant profile

I usually reserve high profile implants for patients with very narrow chests who most often want to have large volume implants. That is the simplest example but there are many other variables that will be determined based upon patient goals and their anatomical exam.

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High Profile #BreastImplants

Without photos, there is no way to give you information on your question. If you have excess skin, then you almost certainly need a lift. No implant type or profile will correct excess skin. 

You should see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to get a formal opinion through an in-person consultation.

Best of luck,
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