Best Treatment for Persistent Redness Following TCA 35% Peel?

I had a TCA 35% over a year ago. Now I have persistent redness in my temporal region. A dermatologist at the Univ. of Iowa diagnosed it as Cholasma/Melasma and gave me TriLuma and sugggested bleaching it. Ive noticed that after a hot shower, the red areas become even more red. Ive read about persistent erythema. Opinions? Treatments?

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Redness after one yeal old chemical peel


Time will take care of your redness.  The clue is the increased redness after a shower.  This is normal after skin has been injuried.  The heat from the shower cause the blood vessels in your healing skin to dilate.  This should go away in about 9 months.  You are most likely a slow healer in this respect and need to give it an additional six months.  If it persists see a dermatologist and discuss a possible laser treatment to tone down the redness.

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