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Treatment For Downturned Lips/Mouth? I've Already Tried Prevalle Silk With No Results.

Was recently injected with 1/2 syringe of prevalle silk to correct downturned lips. Unfortunately no results can be seen (im aware it was a small amount to begin with). I was told that fillers around the mouth with a combination of botox might correct this problem. My question is which one is best botox or "fillers", I am very young (23) so this is not due to age. Also what should I expect to pay as I live in the NYC area. Thanks to all the doctors who take the time to answer! 

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Downturned mouth corners

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Although it is hard to tell without seeing your photos it is likely that Botox can help lift the corners of the mouth.  This is temporary and not always a 100% effective.  There is a surgical corner of mouth lift but the scar is a potential problem

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