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What treatment can I get done for deep dented scar on the bridge of my nose?

I split my nose open 4 years ago a friend was fell on me and her tooth went in my nose I should of got a stitch but never. I have a dented scar on the bridge of my nose iv had fillers.lasertreatment but ended up with really dark round circle covering the scar and the skin ended up reay wrinkled I have now been getin dermapen which has improved it although I have days were it is really bad and the dent shows bad it depreses me is there any surgery I can have done?I will try anythingThanks

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Options for nose scar removal - Los Angeles

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Atrophic scars can benefit from subcision, fillers, and surgery. Options depend on the exact location of the scars. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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