Can You Treat Bacne Scarring with Injectable Silicone?

20 years ago I had a serie of liquid silicone (microdroplet technique) injections to treat my depressed acne scars with wonderful results. Lately I have been thinking of getting my many depressed acne scars on the back (bacne scars) treated since I want to feel comfortable hitting the beach. Can the scars on my back be treated the same way with silicone as my facial acne scars, and if not why? Thank you for your service//Anders from Sweden

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Silicone Excellent for Back Acne Scars

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You absolutely can treat acne scars on the back with injectable silicone.  If they are atrophic or broad-based, they will improve tremendously with silicone. It is safe and effective in the hands of an experienced, expert injector. The link at the end shows you before and after photos of patients with acne scars treated with silicone. 

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