Tonsillectomy and a Septoplasty Surgeries Together?

Can I have a tonsillectomy and a septoplasty performed at the same time, or will I need to plan time off of work for two separate surgeries and recoveries?

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Tonsillectomy and septoplasty can be done together

Tonsillectomy and septoplasty can easily be done simultaneously.  They are both done under general anesthesia and each procedure takes approximately a half an hour to perform.  There will be much more pain and discomfort from the tonsillectomy than the septoplasty. 

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Yes, it is possible to do simultaneously

Yes it is possible to do both surgeries simultaneously, especially if the tonsils are not very large and the patient does not have sleep apnea. 

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Simultaneous septoplasty and tonsillectomy

I do not advocate operating on both airways (oral and nasal) simultaneously.  I recommend staging the procedures for safety sake.  Good luck :)

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