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Are Tissue Fat Loss After Cortisone Injections Permanent or Will It Resolve Fill Itself in Eventualy

I had a small cyst between my breast more so to side of left breast. My MD injected some cortisone 2 weeks ago it seemed to make it slightly smaller but is still quite hard.  It seems to have caused some fatty or soft tissue loss. Will this resolve and fill in again with time. Thank you.

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Fat loss with cortisone injections


One of the most commons side effects with cortisone injections is atrophy or loss of fat in the injected area. Depending on the dose and strength of cortisone injections it is possible the loss may be permanent. However, in many cases the fat does recover. It may necessary to surgically remove the remaining cyst and would take care of the fat loss as well, however you would have a small scar.

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