So Tired of Hurting, What Now? Surgeon Has Not Given Up on Me. Age 50/Mastopexy/Allergen Smooth HP 475cc/Submuscular/07-2012

After surgery, developed tennis ball size fluid mass under left arm, popped 2 weeks post surgery, drained at bottom of incision. Incision and cessation of fluid leak took 6 months to heal. Breast hard and painful, right soft and dropped too far due to week tissue. A month later, developed fluid again, incision opened exposed implant. 10 days ago I had revision surgery with irrigation of pocket on left, implant placed back, lift on right. Now my left feels great and my right is hard and painful.

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Implant issue with capsular contracture?

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Sorry for all your problems.  It sounds like you had an infection with leaking fluid for 6 months that ultimately led to a capsular contracture.

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