Thyroid Surgery Scar Treatment?

My scar is hypertrophic. Now it’s 5 months postop but it still thickened and have an uneven surface. It’s still changing and not for better. I started using silicon sheets 2 months after surgery, it helped a little bit. But it doesn’t work anymore.

I had 4 injections of Longidaza (international name is Hyaluronidase+Azoximer). Injections made some good effect. But, the good effect is only for a few days after injection. Then it’s getting bigger again. What can I do to make it flat and to blend with the skin? What would be the best treatment in my case?

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Thyroid scar treatment with laser and IIT to improve thickening of the scars

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I have had enormous experience with thyroid scars and believe that they can be dramatically improved by a combination of laser, IIT, and surgical revision.  

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My Approach Is To Leave Them Alone At First

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Your scar will naturaly thicken and be hot and pink, then go to a purple color, and then finally begin to thin out. This may take a year or even longer. During that time, I will employ silicone strips (they must be worn all the time for as long as it looks bad, or at least as much as possible).

I will allow massage with shea or cocoa butter as topical tretaments. Rarely will I laser or poke the scar with a needle as this may prolong the inflammatory process. Seroids are occassionally used for scrs that show rapid growth, thickening, or in individuas who have keloid-prone skin.

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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