Three Weeks Post-op Rhinoplastly, I Still Have Bruising and Swelling?

I am exactly three weeks post-op and I am really worried about my face. My face is clearly larger, and it's going good dy by day though (but slowly). I wish I could use make-up or bronzer for Men, but people see it and it gets me nervous. Under my eyes there is a line of green/yellow bruising and swelling, I have bruising on the sides of my chin aswell. As for my nose, it's wider but it's getting better and better. I wonder, when all this will go away ? Bruising and swelling?

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Bruising and swelling 3 weeks after rhinoplasty

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Sometimes bruising can last a little longer. Some tricks to reduce swelling include taking Arnica tablets, using Arnica cream, papaya extract, pineapple and tea bags. None of these will hurt. Good luck.

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