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3 Days Post-Op and I Have Zero Numbness on Lovehandles. Does That Mean It Didnt Take?

If my love handle areas are not numb at all after three days (they weren't really that numb even the same day of the procedure), does that mean it didn't work?

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Side Effects of CoolSculpting

The side effects of CoolSculpting can include tenderness, swelling, bruising, numbness, redness, nerve pain, and sensitivity. Some people may experience all, some, or none of these side effects. The extent of the side effects does not correlate with your outcome. Be patient, as your results will take 1-4 months to be noticeable.

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No Numbness after CoolSculpting

Typically, there is minimal to no downtime after the treatment though patients may experience temporary pain or discomfort. Side effects can include redness, bruising, swelling, tenderness to the touch, cramping, itching, tingling, and numbness. However, these side effects do not affect everyone. This does not mean your treatment did not take.

Coolsculpting doesn't usually create numbness

One doesn't need to get numb from CoolSculpting for it to work. During the first few minutes the chilling helps lessen the discomfort from the suction but the freezing usually doesn't create numbness in most patients as a side effect they notice for days after. So if you don't experience numbness after CoolSculpting you shouldn't think you won't get a good result.

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Numbness after Coolsculpting

Thank you for your question.

No, just because you have NO numbness, it does not mean that the Coolsculpting Procedure did not work.  Most of my patients don't have the tingling / numbness when the love handles are treated. More commonly, when the abdomen is treated is when patients have the tingling / numbness sensation.

Be patient and you should start seeing results 4-8 weeks out.

Best wishes.


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