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Thinking of Asking for Phentermine To Lose More Weight Before Surgery, Is This Ok?

My current weight is 205 and am considering a TT & BR. I have lost 30 lbs in the last six months and I guess I've hit a small plateau. I've started at the gym and invested in a trainer 9 months ago and exercise has become a part of my life. I was thinking about asking to take phentermine for perhaps 2-3 prior to arranging any surgery to just take off as much weight as possible. I understand you need to be off this type of medication 3-4 weeks prior to surgery. Is this ok?

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Phentermine before surgery

The use of diet pills, weight loss pils or fat burners should be stopped for several weeks before surgery to avoid the risk of a fatal reaction with anesthesia. If you stop them appropriately it should be fine for you to take them before this stopping period.

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