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Thigh Lift to Fix Banana Roll/cellulite on Back Thigh? 37 Yrs. Old (photo)

Had lipo twice in area with limited results. Dr says is skin laxisity w/NO complete fix available. More lipo will compromise pillar that holds butt up. Skin lift has no anchor, scar will migrate and pull butt down. Thermage or other tightening is too limited. IS there a way to conceal the scar under crease of butt and anchor it so it wont pull butt down? What are my options for lift? How to find a dr. who is very experienced at these details. All potos Ive found are drastic changes, not smooth.

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Posterior thigh deformity

The double bubble you have in the posterior thigh is due to over liposuction to begin with. The support to the base is gone . Your buttock crease goes all the way accross the buttocks instead of stopping 1/2 or 1/3 the way.

The proper treatment is fat transfer to the posterior thigh.

Lift i the buttock crease will leave terible scar that show, can widen , migrate and so on.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Posterior Thigh Lift Should Be Chosen Selectively

I agree with Dr. Shueih that a thigh lift would be a mistake for you.  You will not get sufficient benefit for the potential downside. Thigh lifts shouild be reserved for people with fairly advanced skin laxity. Fat grafting may be of benefit, but it would be important to have an in person exam to evaluate your skin quality and contour issues.  Make sure you choose a surgeon certified by the American board of Plastic Surgery.

Mary Lee Peters, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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